Bojangles Hours, Holidays

If you don’t feel like cooking or feel like fried chicken, you can go to the best fried chicken restaurant Bojangles. Ken Bojangles Hours in advance before visiting yourself, you’re wasting both fuel and time. View the Bojangles Holiday Hours, Breakfast, Lunch Times here.

Bojangles Opening Hours

Usually Bojangles start early in the morning and close late in the evening. These times can be perfect if you want to have breakfast in the morning or dinner after work. Know from here what time Bojangles opens and what time Bojangles closes. With the list of Bojangles opening and closing times on both regular days, holidays, don’t miss out on your fried chicken and biscuits.

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About Bojangles Restaurant

Bojangles is a fast food chain of restaurants in the southeastern United States. This restaurant was founded in 1977 by Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas. It is popular for its specialized cajun seasoning, fried chicken, and buttermilk biscuits.

Bojangles Restaurant aims to help everyone get through the day by providing both breakfast and lunch. The concept of this company is mainly based on three attributes. They are distinctive in taste, a festive restaurant design with friendly service, high-quality products from scratch.

Bojangles Shop Hours – Business Days

Have breakfast or lunch at Bojangles by knowing the exact times the restaurant opens/closes. Most restaurants have the following schedule as working hours. In a number of locations, Bojangles opens at 5:30 AM and closes at 10 PM.

Is restaurant Bojangles open today?

Bojangles Opening Hours Bojangles Opening Hours The Bojangles Closed Hours
Monday 5:00 AM 22:00 o’clock
Tuesday 5:00 AM 22:00 o’clock
Wednesday 5:00 AM 22:00 o’clock
Thursday 5:00 AM 22:00 o’clock
Friday 5:00 AM 22:00 o’clock

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Bojangles hours Sunday, Saturday

Bojangles Also opens on Saturdays and Sundays, but with adjusted opening hours. The restaurant may even open late or close earlier than usual. Check the times when Bojangles opens and closes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Opening hours of Bojangles on weekends Opening hours restaurant Bojangles Closing times Bojangles
Saturday 5:00 AM 22:00 o’clock
Sunday 6:00 AM 22:00 o’clock

Some locations even start serving food from 5am on Sundays and close at 10pm.

Holidays Bojangles

Are you planning a vacation to the Bojangles Restuarant? Please note that most locations in Bojangles adjust their working hours during holidays. So, before you visit, check out the holiday list and what time does Bojangles open on this holiday season. Know if Bojangles Restaurant is open or closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving Day.

On which holidays are Bojangles open?

  • Veterans Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • New Years Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Labour Day
  • father’s day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • presidents day
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK ​​Day)
  • Columbus day
  • Mardi Gras fat Tuesday
  • mothers Day
  • Easter Monday
  • Day after Christmas (December 26)
  • black friday

On which holidays does Bojangles close?

  • Easter Sunday.
  • Christmas Day.

Bojangles breakfasts

If you want to know when Bojangles will stop serving breakfast, check out the times that exist here. Bojangles starts serving breakfast to its customers from early morning itself. You can even get your favorite breakfast from 5:00 AM in the morning until 22:00 o’clock. In some locations, the restaurant starts with breakfast from 5:30 AM.

Bojangles Lunches

If you don’t want to wait in the restaurant, check out the Bojangles Lunch Timings. What time does Bojangles start serving lunch items? Usually lunch hours vary from location to location. Some serve lunch from 10am and some from 10:30am and stop serving at 2:30pm. Know what time Bojangles serves lunch here.

Bojangles hours near me

Figuring out whether Bojangles is in your location or not is a difficult task for you as there are plenty of locations. so, use Store Finder to find the nearest location and the hours. Enter city, state or zip code and then Store Locator will provide you with the nearest store within the address you provided. You can also go for the google maps option to find the closest location to you.

Contact details of Bojangles

  • Address: 9432 Southern Pine Boulevard
    Charlotte, NC 28273-5553
  • Contact Number: 1-704-527-2675
  • Customer Service Number: 1-800-366-9921
  • Website:

Bojangles Customer Service Opening Hours

You can call Bojangles customer service during their opening hours i.e. from 05:00 to 22:00. However, opening hours vary from location to location. So check out the locations page in the official portal for accurate timings.

Bojangles Wiki

Short details
Type Private
Industry Food
Started 1977
Headquarters Charlotte, North Carolina
founders Jack Fulk, Richard Thomas
Number of locations 600+
key figures Jose Armario (CEO), Brian Unger (COO)
Products Fast food, including fried chicken, cookies, chips
Owner The Jordan Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bojangles open on Christmas Day?

No, it is closed on Christmas Day.

What are Bojangles Christmas Eve hours?

In most locations, the Bojangles opens at 5:30am on Christmas Eve and closes at 6:00pm.

What are the Easter hours of Bojangles?

The opening hours of Bojangles on Easter are the same as normal hours, from 05:00 to 22:00.

What are Bojangles Hours on New Years Day?

On New Year’s Day, Bonjangles opens at 7am in most locations.

What time does Bojangles start serving breakfast?

Generally, Bojangles start serving breakfast from 05:00. In some locations, it is open from 5:30 am and remains open all day, meaning you can also have breakfast at dinner if you wish.

What time does Bojangles stop serving breakfast?

Bojangles will stop serving breakfast at 10:00 PM. That is, it serves breakfast until closing time.

What time does Bojangles start serving chicken?

Bojangles serves chicken items on the breakfast menu all day long. The items on the lunch menu are served from 10:30 am in wards.

Does Bojangles serve lunch all day?

No, Bojangles does not serve lunch all day.

What are the opening times of the Bojangles lunch menu?

In general, Bojangles lunch time is from 10:00 am – 2:30 pm. Few venues open late i.e. 10:30am, check the times of the venue you want to visit.

When does Bojangles serve lunch?

At most locations, Bojangles will start serving lunch from 10am.

What time does Bojangles serve dinner?

Bojangles serves dinner until 10:30 PM. So plan to visit before then as it is not available 24/7.

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