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Dine at the favorite family restaurant Culvers for all your fast food cravings. Find out all about Culvers Hours ahead of time rather than disappoint at the last minute when your favorite restaurant is closed. View the opening and closing schedule of Culver’s Fast Food Restaurant during regular days and holidays. Moreover, you have a clear idea where the nearest Culvers are, what time does Culvers open and close today etc.

Culver . opening hours

Before going to fast food restaurant Culver’s, it is recommended to check the opening and closing times earlier. You don’t have to worry, because we wrote down everything about the opening hours of this fast food chain, both on holidays and regular days. Plus, you’ll have insight into the Drive-Thru Hours available to Culvers so you can grab your food in no time.

Culvers hours

About Culver’s Restaurant

Culver’s is a private and casual fast food restaurant chain that operates in the Midwestern United States. First Restaurant of Culvers began in 1984 in Sauk City, Wisconsin, and is currently headquartered in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. The chain has since grown to 695 restaurants in 24 states, primarily in the Midwest. This restaurant is known for sandwiches and frozen custard. It also offers you cheese curds, chicken tenders, fish, chicken sandwiches and salads.

Culvers Store Hours – Normal Days

Before planning your visit to the Culvers Restaurant, it is a good idea to check availability. Below is a general schedule and most stores follow it. The opening and closing times of this casual fast food restaurant only differ on holiday. Usually, Culvers Restaurant opens mid-morning and closes late in the evening. In fact, shops open from 10am in the morning and close at 10pm in the evening. Culvers Drive Thru hours usually vary by location and you can check the times at the local store you want to go to.

Culver’s hour today The opening hours of Culvers Culver’s Closed Hours
Monday 10 hours 22:00 o’clock
Tuesday 10 hours 22:00 o’clock
Wednesday 10 hours 22:00 o’clock
Thursday 10 hours 22:00 o’clock
Friday 10 hours 22:00 o’clock

In some locations, the above schedule may vary by one or two hours. To know the exact times, you can use the official website and confirm the operating schedule.

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Culvers Opening hours Sunday, Saturday

Fast Food Restaurant Chain Culvers is even available to its guests on Saturdays and Sundays. However, Culver’s opening and closing times are the same as Weekdays. Check what time Culver’s Restaurant opens and closes on Saturdays and Sundays so you can keep that in mind.

Culvers Restaurant Weekend opening hours What time does Culvers open? What time does Culvers close?
Culver’s Hours Saturday 10 hours 22:00 o’clock
Culvers sunday hours 10 hours 22:00 o’clock

Culver’s holiday hours

Don’t feel like cooking and enjoy eating fast food on a Culvers Vacation and wondering if it’s open or not. Not to worry, though, as you’ll get to know the typical list of holidays when Culver’s Opens and Closes, respectively. For your convenience, this fast food restaurant is open on all public holidays and closed on public holidays. Instead of closing completely, Culver’s Restaurant opening hours will apply during the Special Events. Find out if Culvers is open on Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Easter.

On which holidays does Culvers open?

  • Halloween
  • black friday
  • independence Day
  • presidents day
  • New Years Day
  • mothers Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Veterans Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Labour Day
  • Mardi Gras fat Tuesday
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Easter Monday
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • tax day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Columbus day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • father’s day

On which holidays does Culvers close?

  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter Sunday
  • christmas day

Contact details of Culver

  • Address: 2240 W Braker Ln Austin, TX 78758
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 608-643-7980

Culvers hour near me

If you’re looking for the closest location to Culver, the easiest way to search is through the handy store locator or Google Maps. Just enter the city, state, or zip code of your address into the locator and you’ll get Culver’s Hours Near Me. Moreover, you can even choose Google Maps to find the nearest location and the working hours.

Culver’s Wiki

Short details
Type Private
Industry Fast food restaurant
founders Craig and Lea Culver, George and Ruth Culver
Started 1984
Number of locations 700 +
Headquarters Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, United States
key figures Joe Koss, Craig Culver
Products Butter burgers, milkshakes, frozen custard, cheese curds, fish, sandwiches with chicken, chips, salads

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Culvers open on Sundays?

Yes, it is Open on Sundays as on a normal working day.

What is Culvers Thanksgiving Hours?

Culvers Restaurant is closed on Thanksgiving Day. But if you come to Thanksgiving Eve, this fast food restaurant will have shorter times.

Is Culver’s open on Christmas Day?

No, it is closed on Christmas Day.

What is Culvers Easter Hours?

Culvers is closed on Easter Sunday. But with the arrival of Easter Monday, Culvers Restaurant has adjusted opening hours compared to regular days.


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