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Find the coolest stuff from unlimited possibilities available at American Chain Five Below. Learn all about Five Below Hours beforehand and then sadly come back with a closed board. Find out all about the opening and closing times of American Chain Five and Below, both on holidays and regular days. Furthermore, you have an idea about the holidays that Five and Below can hold, where the closest is Five and Below.

Operating hours of five and below

Do you find it annoying to reach Five Below to know the operational timing? You no longer have to rush out, because you have insight into the opening and closing times of the Five Below Discount Store Chain. In addition, you can even find information about these American Chain Holiday Hours. You will never miss anything to buy from this chain if you take advantage of the working hours that apply here.

five under o'clock

About five below

Five Below is an American discount store chain that sells products with a cost equal to or less than $5. These stores sell new T-shirts, toys, craft supplies, candy, phone cases and many seasonal items. This retail chain focuses mainly on teens and pre-teens, but also has products for adults. Fast Growing Company has more than 700 stores in 33 states. Five Below has the stores in the major cities of Austin, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Syracuse, Lancaster, New York, Columbus, Philadelphia.

Five shop hours below – normal days

American Chain Discount Store Five Below opens mid-morning and closes late in the evening. It can be difficult to find a common timing that most locations follow. For convenience, we have noted general opening hours for most stores during regular weekdays. The Stores will adjust their working hours by a small margin when necessary, for example if there is a holiday between the Normal working days. Find What are the hours for Five Below from Monday to Friday by taking a look at the further modules.

Today five o’clock below Discount store five below opening hours Five hours closed below
Monday 10 hours 9 O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING
Tuesday 10 hours 9 O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING
Wednesday 10 hours 9 O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING
Thursday 10 hours 9 O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING
Friday 10 hours 9 O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING

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Tuesday morning hours

Five under Sunday hours, Saturday hours

Five Below Discount Store is open on Saturdays and Sundays, taking into account the needs of its customers. In fact, this discount store has the same hours as any other normal working day. However, on Sundays shops open late and close early compared to weekdays. Check out the opening and closing times of Five Below Store during the weekend by referencing below.

Hours for Five Below on the weekend Five opening times below Save five under closing hours
Five Below Hours on Saturday 10 hours 9 O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING
Five Below Hours Sunday 11 hours 6 p.m.

Five holiday hours below

Five Below is not often closed for all holidays and only closes for major holidays. We’ve come up with a solution and provided you the Vacation List so you can plan your trip wisely. In general, most stores limit their opening hours during the holiday season or special events. Busy yourself by shopping at Five Below on vacation and have fun with your loved ones. Clarify your concerns about whether or not Five Below is open on Easter, Christmas Day. Plus, you’ll learn about the details like what time is Fice Below Open and when does Five Below close by referencing later modules.

On which holidays does Five Below open?

  • black friday
  • father’s day
  • presidents day
  • Columbus day
  • Mardi Gras fat Tuesday
  • Labour Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Years Day
  • Easter Monday
  • tax day
  • mothers Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • independence Day
  • Halloween
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day

On which holidays does Five Below close?

  • christmas day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter Sunday

Five contact details below

  • Address: 1818 Market Street, Suite 2000 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
  • Contact Number: 1-866-935-8852
  • Website:

Five hours below near me

The fastest and reliable tool to find the Five Below Stores Near Me is by using Store Locator or Official Website. Type the city, state, or zip code of your address into the locator so you can know the location near you. Plus, you can even rely on Google Maps Option to identify the closest location and timing.

Five under Wiki

Short details
Type Public
Industry discount store
Started 2002
founders David Schlessinger, Tom Vellios
Headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Served area United States
Products sports, bath and body, games, fashion accessories, sweets and drinks, office and school supplies, room furnishings and storage, smartphone accessories, seasonal items, books, novelties and jokes.
key figures Joel D. Anderson

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Five Below open on Sundays?

Yes, it is open on Sundays and you can go there between 11am and 6pm.

Is Five Below open on Christmas Day?

No, it is closed on Christmas Day.

What is five under Black Friday hours?

Five Below Discount Chain has longer opening hours i.e. shops open early and close late compared to normal days.

What is Five Below Thanksgiving Hours?

In general, the Store Five Below is closed for business on Thanksgiving Day. But on Thanksgiving night, this store changes its working hours.

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