Opening hours Pharmacy Kroger

Would you like to visit a pharmacy that has everything you need for you and your family? Then Pharmacy Kroger is such a place where you can find help with your medication with its services. Find Kroger Pharmacy Hours ahead of time so you don’t run out of help when you need it. Get acquainted with Kroger pharmacy opening and closing times with current information and decide when to stop by.

Opening hours Pharmacy Kroger

Take advantage of Kroger Pharmacy’s personalized health and wellness services by knowing their work schedule in advance. Find out the opening and closing times of Kroger Pharmacy on both normal days and holidays by referring further. Before your visit, please familiarize yourself with Pharmacy Kroger’s work schedule and be on time for any medical requirements.

Kroger Pharmacy Opening Hours

About Kroger Pharmacy

The Kroger Co. Kroger is an American Retailing Company that started in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pharmacies Present within the Supermarkets together with various departments. The company operates approximately 2,200 retail pharmacies in 37 states and also has dedicated professionals to help people live healthier lives. Kroger offers online prescription management, convenient refills, vaccinations. Pharmacists not only dispense prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines, they even offer support and advice.

Kroger Pharmacy Opening hours today

Kroger Pharmacy operates on the schedule below in most locations. Usually, most shops open from mid-morning and stay open late into the evening. These times are quite flexible for early risers to pick up prescriptions on the way to the office or in the evening on the way home. View the Kroger Pharmacy Open and Closing times during regular weekdays, i.e. Monday through Friday. In some locations, shops open a little earlier, namely at 8 p.m. and closing times may also differ. Stores have the right to adjust their working hours if a public holiday falls during normal working days.

Kroger Pharmacy Hours on Weekdays Opening hours Pharmacy Kroger Kroger Pharmacy Closed Hours

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Kroger Pharmacy Opening Hours Sunday, Saturday

Kroger Pharmacies do operate on weekends, but with a slight variation in opening and closing times. In fact, most stores will have shorter opening hours compared to normal days. Check out information regarding the Kroger Pharmacy opening and closing sessions, both Saturday and Sunday, before heading out as it would be a better idea.

Kroger Pharmacy opening hours on weekends Opening hours Pharmacy Kroger Closing times Pharmacy Kroger
Saturday 9 AM 7 p.m.
Sunday 11 hours 7 p.m.

Kroger Pharmacy Holiday Hours

Compared to other pharmacies, Kroger Pharmacies are usually open almost all holidays and close on very few holidays. Keep in mind the holidays that Pharmacy Kroger holds so that you can plan your visit to the medical aid store. Learn about the details, such as what time Kroger Pharmacy is open and closed during the holiday season and what time Kroger Pharmacy is open during the holiday season. Clear your concerns regarding Is Kroger pharmacy open or not on Christmas, Thanksgiving and when does Kroger pharmacy close etc.

On which holidays does Pharmacy Kroger open?

  • Cinco de Mayo
  • mothers Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • independence Day
  • New Years Day
  • Columbus day
  • Good Friday
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Valentine’s Day
  • father’s day
  • Labour Day
  • black friday
  • Day after Christmas
  • Veterans Day
  • Easter Monday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Mardi Gras fat Tuesday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Memorial Day
  • Halloween
  • New Year’s Eve
  • presidents day

On which holidays does Pharmacy Kroger close?

Kroger Pharmacy Contact Info

  • Address: 1014 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Contact Number: 1-800-576-4377
  • Website:

Kroger Pharmacy near me

Looking for Kroger Pharmacy locations near me and wondering what time it opens or closes? You can choose two options which are Store Locator on the official website and Google Maps. Simply enter the details such as city, state or zip code of the current address into the locator, so you can learn the nearest location and operating times. Plus, you can even use the Google Maps option to find the Kroger pharmacy location near you.

Kroger Pharmacy Wiki

Short details
Type Public
Industry Retail
Started 1883
Founder Bernard Kroger
Served area United States
Number of locations 3, 012
key figures Rodney McMullen
Products Supercenter/Superstore, Supermarket,
other specialty
Divisions Inter-American products
different necklaces

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pharmacy Kroger open on Sundays?

Yes, Kroger Pharmacy is available on Sundays but limited hours apply and you can visit the store between 11am and 7pm.

Is Kroger Pharmacy open on Christmas Day?

No, Kroger Pharmacy cannot be reached on Christmas Day and you can reach the store on another day if you plan your visit.

What is Kroger Pharmacy Thanksgiving Hours?

Kroger Pharmacy is available on Thanksgiving Day. However, the stores will have modified or restricted hours for Thanksgiving.

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