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Do you want to eat sandwiches for lunch or dinner from the best fast food restaurant and you don’t know what to choose between the many options available? You can always go to Subway for all your fast food cravings. But before that, check the opening times of the metro and decide when you want to visit. Available information such as Subway Open and Close Times on regular days and holidays. Plus, get to know details like the closest Subway and holiday schedule it opens and closes for.

Metro opening hours

Fancy some sandwiches and about to hit the metro and wondering what the opening times are. To make this process easy, we’ve listed every detail of the subway’s work schedule. Find out what time the Subway opens and what time the Subway closes, both on regular days and on regular days.

Subway hour

About Metro

Subway is an American Restaurant Franchise that sells salads and submarine sandwiches. It is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world, operating more than 42,000 stores in more than 100 countries. The restaurant is headquartered in Milford, Connecticut. The fast food restaurant specializes in Submarine Sandwiches. Subway offers salads, sandwiches, breakfast, drinks, breads and toppings, side dishes, and more.

Metro opening hours

In general, Subway Restaurant is open from early morning and stays open until an hour before midnight. Times are flexible to have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the fast food restaurant. Please refer to the details like When does the metro open and when does the metro close during weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday. Understand details such as Subway opening and closing sessions by referencing below and plan accordingly. The common schedule listed below differs in cases where a public holiday falls between regular days.

Opening hours of metro stations during weekdays Metro opening hours The closed opening hours of the metro
Monday 7 AM 11:00 p.m.
Tuesday 7 AM 11:00 p.m.
Wednesday 7 AM 11:00 p.m.
Thursday 7 AM 11:00 p.m.
Friday 7 AM 11:00 p.m.

There are few metro stations that are open 24 hours a day to meet the demands of guests. Better check the local restaurant times you want to go and plan accordingly.

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Subway hours Sunday, Saturday

Fast Food Restaurant Subway operates the same as during the week, but has a slight variation in opening hours. Find out Subway’s working hours on both Saturday and Sunday by going through the times below. Usually most locations are open late on weekends compared to regular work days.

Opening hours of the metro on the weekend Metro opening hours Metro closing times
Saturday 8 AM MORNING 11:00 p.m.
Sunday 8 AM MORNING 11:00 p.m.

Holiday hours metro

In general, most subway restaurant locations stay open for most of the holiday season and only close for a few of them. Find here the current holiday schedule of the metro to have an idea on which holidays the metro opens and closes respectively. See what time the metro is open and when it closes during special events so you can plan when to visit. Decide when to visit by checking the holiday schedule prior to your visit and not wasting time visiting a closed restaurant. Usually Subway locations have extended or limited hours based on the specific list of holidays. In addition, learn whether or not the subway is open on holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Easter, etc.

On which holidays does the metro open?

  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Halloween
  • black friday
  • tax day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve
  • mothers Day
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Veterans Day
  • father’s day
  • Mardi Gras fat Tuesday
  • Labour Day
  • Easter Monday
  • Columbus day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • New Years Day
  • presidents day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Good Friday

On which holidays does the metro close?

  • Thanksgiving
  • christmas day

Metro hour near me

Since there are many Subway Restaurant locations, it is difficult to find the closest Subway location and times. You can choose one of the methods which is store locator and google maps to get nearby location and work schedule. For this process, you need to fill in the details like city, state or zip code of the current address in the locator present on the official website so that you can get the nearest store. If you want, you can even use the Google Maps tool to pick up the nearby store along with the timing.

Breakfast hour in the metro

If you want to have breakfast at the Fast Food Restaurant Subway, you have to be there before 11 am, because after that they shift to lunch. However, in Subway, the whole menu is always served in front of its customers. Check out What time does Subway start serving breakfast and what time does Subway’s breakfast menu end to enjoy your food. You can enjoy endless options of flatbread sandwiches, black forest ham etc for breakfast.

Lunch times in the metro

Fast Food Restaurant Subway serves the full menu all day. The times of most locations differ because they are franchised. Check what time Subway Lunch starts and what time Subway Lunch ends to have food.

Subway 24 hours

To cater to the appetite of diners, Subway Restaurants are open 24 hours a day at a number of locations. So you can eat anytime, whether it’s midnight or early morning when you’re hungry. We have listed some of the locations that are open all day and they are in line

  • Teterboro, New Jersey
  • East Orange, New Jersey
  • Kearny, New Jersey
  • Newark, New Jersey and more.

Metro Wiki

Short details
Trade name Subway
Industry Restaurant
Type Private
back in the days Pete’s Super Submarines
Genre fast food
Started 1965
founders Fred DeLuca, Peter Buck
Headquarters Milford, Connecticut, USA
Number of locations 42,431
key figures Trevor Haynes, Mike Macrie
Products Submarine sandwiches
Pizzas, Salads
Owner DeLuca family

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Subway open on Sundays?

Yes, Subway fast food restaurant is available on Sundays from 8am to 11pm.

Is Subway open on Christmas Day?

Subway is not available on Christmas Day and you can schedule another day.

What is Subway Thanksgiving Hours?

The subway is closed on Thanksgiving Day and if you are about to visit, visit another day.

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